Changing the way children are educated


AAC's board of directors is comprised of proven thought leaders in the education community. Our CEO, Tony Helton, began his career as a sixth grade geography teacher and high school government AP. He went on to lead a charter school in Brevard, NC increasing test scores from 40.7 percent to 71 percent school wide. With the board and CEOs wealth of knowledge and leadership abilities, AAC advances schools from mediocre to exemplary using proven methods.


A rigorous cross-curricular approach is the only path to academic success. Achievement for All Children believes that research and implementation with fidelity proves that Core Knowledge, Core Knowledge Language Arts (CLKA) and Singapore Math are the bedrock of education.


AAC strives to turn mediocre schools into exemplary schools in the areas of compliance, finances, staffing, academics and facility.

We Innovate.

To improve Academic Achievement for all students, families and community members must support and be involved in the school.  Family and community participation is crucial in improving individual student achievement and overall school success.  AAC will help schools clearly communicate its mission and vision with staff, parents, and the community at large to ensure an academically rigorous school.


The Core Knowledge Sequence is so much more than standards.  It lays out content and skills to be taught in every subject including history, language arts, visual arts, math, science and music. This across the board approach ensures a complete education.

Students must have background knowledge to be successful in any endeavor. Most people are familiar with the saying, “3 strikes and you’re out”. Imagine if you have no background knowledge of baseball. Without that background knowledge, even the Mensa member struggles to comprehend this simple saying.

The Core Knowledge Language Arts program (CKLA) used in grades Kindergarten through 5th grade as an all-encompassing reading program that not only provides much needed background knowledge, it also opens students to multiple topics from “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, Naïve Americans, What’s in our Universe?, The War of 1812, Immigration and beyond. 

Singapore Math is a world-renowned program recognized as the leader in mathematics education. The results are staggering when used in its entirety in any setting. Schools struggling to see results have sudden shifts upward and schools already near the top see instant gains. Singapore Math is designed to teach for mastery not just to passing a test.”   


We Have a Passion for Success

Achievement for All Children (AAC), a North Carolina not-for-profit corporation’s mission is to support the public schools in the State of North Carolina in achieving better outcomes for all children by focusing on our most socioeconomically and academically challenged K-5 public schools. Although rigorous coherent cumulative curricula is vitally important, we believe true success, however, must also have strong community support working together with an army of talented and committed educators in each of our public schools.

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